Sax Connex Internship Program

The Sax Connex Internship Program partners with a variety of community businesses and organizations to afford our high school students an opportunity to gain real world experience beyond the classroom. Through the year-long program, each intern is required to be on site for 8 hours a week and receives 1 elective credit per semester.

This year we have 2 junior interns: Sean Sullivan at #HawRiverCanoe and Mitchell McCue at #ProgressiveComputerSystemsInc

and 7 senior interns: Ema Smith at #saxgenstore, Ava Cyr at #FPGInstitute, Lisa Goering at #hospiceac, Nathan Khot at #reverencefarm, Asela Gillis-Alonso at #opendoorclinicofalamancecounty, Kieran Murphy at #TheEddyPub and Samantha Kivett at #sproutfarmnc