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Welcome to The Hawbridge School!


We are a tuition-free public charter school serving NC students in grades 4-12. Applications are accepted through February, and a lottery is conducted in early March.


Our school counselor is a vital member of the education team, helping students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career goals.

Student Resources

Visit this page to find links to PowerSchool, the school calendar, handbook and other resources to help you have a successful school year.

What we do


A few mid-summer announcements…

Dear Hawbridge, I hope your child(ren) are enjoying a fun and relaxing summer.  We are preparing for the 2017-2018 school year and would like to make you aware of some happenings at Hawbridge. Our facility is enjoying some much needed upgrades.  We have taken advantage of a Duke Energy savings program that allowed us to

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SaxConnex Internship

Dear Hawbridge, As some of you may know, The Hawbridge School started an internship program this year.  We fondly refer to the program as SaxConnex, and it has served approximately 8 students.  We are extremely grateful for our community and business partners who have fostered a rigorous and rewarding environment for our students.  Recently, someone shared

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How can I use media to teach my kid empathy?

An article by CommonSenseMedia.org. How can I use media to teach my kid empathy? Many parents worry that cyberbullying, trolls, and rude behavior have taken over the internet. While it may seem that the online world has worn away our empathy, many studies show that kids and teens develop strong, supportive online bonds both with

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Inclement Weather Procedure

Dear Families, As these cold temperatures arrive in our region, I am reminded to ensure everyone knows our procedure for announcing school closures and delays due to inclement weather.  Hawbridge will always keep the safety of students and families in mind as we make these decisions.  We realize many of our students drive themselves, as

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Hello Hawbridge, On September 19, we transitioned from using email to using Google Groups. If you still do not have access, you may request it at: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/thehawbridgeschool. Once you have access, you will be able to see past messages, as they are archived in the group. It was a rainy week. All of our scheduled

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Google Groups…

Hello Hawbridge, Let me begin by saying we fully recognize the amount of emails folks have sent to you on behalf of the school.  The establishment of Google Groups is an effort to reduce the amount of emails you receive and streamline our process by targeted audiences. Most of you will receive an invitation from

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The Hawbridge School community engages in a learning partnership. Students develop the skills, values, and strategies required to master the challenging curriculum and to pursue lifelong learning and personal growth. Relationships based on mutual respect honor individual learning preferences and create a healthy intellectual, emotional, and physical environment.