Community Wellness

by Zoe Nahatis, Hawbridge Upper School Counselor

The upcoming Mental Health Day for Hawbridge Upper School (8-12) is a proactive protection of staff and student well-being. It is an intentional pause from the uncertainty and instability we have all felt through the unforeseen circumstances we have been through together. It is taking an opportunity to honor the well-being of ourselves and each other.

It is valuable to set intentional time for rest and rejuvenation during adversity and a skill to know when to take a foot off the gas pedal and slow down. Our hope is that all Upper School students can honor themselves on this day. Intentionally practicing wellness is so much more than ‚Äútaking a day off,‚ÄĚ but also, asking yourself, ‚Äúwhat can I do to help myself be well?‚ÄĚ Research suggests there are wellness benefits to connecting with others, helping others in your community, moving your body, getting enough rest, creative expression, being outside in nature, and following a goal. Reflecting on experiences and practicing gratitude for small joys helps cultivate mindfulness and resilience. Please use this Mental Health Day as a space for self-care and reflection.¬†

Here are some suggestions for how to spend your day:

-Meet up with friends and spend time doing an activity you all enjoy together

-Be with a family member 

-Volunteer with a local organization



-Spend time in nature

-Create something (or do a creative activity)

-Organize your space at home

-Read a story or listen to a podcast about a topic that excites you

-Try a guided meditation

-Make a list of things you are grateful for

-Set a goal or intention to follow

Spend at least 5 minutes reflecting on your school year so far. What has gone well? What can go better? What has been difficult, and what has helped you keep going? 

Thank you for honoring this space for community well-being.