Waiting List FAQs

Are all applicants who are not offered admission automatically placed on the waiting list?

Yes. We create the waiting list when we conduct the lottery. Everyone who applied by  the deadline is automatically placed on the list. If you apply after the deadline, you will be added to the end of the waiting list.

How do I find out my child’s place on the waiting list?

Please email waitlist@hawbridgeschool.org. Include your child/ren’s name/s and the grade for which they applied. We have one waiting list for each offered grade. Including the grade speeds up the process and helps you to get your answer more quickly. 

How quickly do you respond to waiting list questions?

We do our best to answer within 2-3 school days after receiving your email. 

How quickly do people move off the waiting list?

This depends on many different factors. We have a separate list for each offered grade. Traditionally, fourth and sixth grade lists move fairly quickly. We tend to get more movement on the high school lists during the summer. The “slowest” lists are for seventh and eighth grades.

How often should I check my child’s place on the waiting list?

We give families who are offered admission at least a week to turn in paperwork and give us a decision. We recommend waiting a minimum of 2-3 weeks before emailing waitlist@hawbridschool.org again.

When do you stop admitting people from the waiting list?

Usually, in August. We do occasionally admit students from the list in September.

If my child is currently on the list, do we need to reapply next year? 

Yes, students who are not admitted must reapply for each school year. The waitlists do not carry over from year to year.