Upper School First Six Weeks (FAQ)

Context for this FAQ may be found at “Urgent Update for the Upper School“.

What is the Upper School schedule for the first six weeks of school?

August 19-20: All Upper School (US) virtual
Week of August 23: 8th graders in person, rest of US virtual
Week of August 30: 9th graders in person, rest of US virtual
Week of September 7: 10th graders in person, rest of US virtual
Week of September 13: 8th graders in person, rest of US virtual
Week of September 20: 9th graders in person, rest of US virtual
Week of September 27: 10th graders in person, rest of US virtual 

Eleventh and twelfth graders will be completely virtual until October 4. 

If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), someone from the Exceptional Children’s department will be in touch in August to discuss the plan for your child during these six weeks.

Week of October 4 and beyond: Everyone in person, in portable classrooms, until the new building is complete. The new building is on schedule for occupancy in January 2022.

How will Upper School students know where to go on the first day?

The first two days of the Upper School this year (August 19 and 20) will be completely virtual. Teachers will send a Google Classroom invitation to your Hawbridge email address (new students will receive an address before school starts in August). Your teachers will explain where to go for their class each week.

When does the Upper School day begin and end?

Classes, both virtual and in-person, will begin at 8:15 am. Online students will follow their teachers’ instructions on what they need to do each day. This could be a variety of things, including logging into a Zoom call or completing work on Google Classroom.

Drop-off and pick-up are in the circle in front of the Lower School. Drop off for in-person classes begins at 7:45 am. 

Until we are in the new building, pick-up will be staggered. Upper School students who are riding with students (siblings, carpool) from the Lower School will be dismissed at 3:15 pm. Other Upper School students may be picked up at 3:30 pm. (Once we are in the new building, all Upper School students will leave at 3:30 pm.)

1 8:15-9:12
2 9:15-10:12
3 10:15-11:12
4a 11:15-12:12
Lunch A 11:12-11:42
4b 11:45-12:42
Lunch B 12:12-12:42
5 12:45-1:42
6 1:45-2:42
Bridge 2:45-3:30

What will an Upper School day look like when students are learning remotely?

Students will still follow the schedule above, but instead of going to a physical classroom, they will log onto a platform. Most of our teachers use a combination of Google Classroom and Zoom, and most of the classes will be synchronous. It will be important for students to check their Google Classroom daily for any instructions from their teachers.

Will computers be available for home use during these six weeks?

We do have some computers that may be checked out to families who need a device during this hybrid time. We will send out a “computer request” form in August for families to reserve a device.

Device pick-up will be during the week of August 16. Families who have reserved a device will be notified about pick-up times.

Will there be an in-person, Upper School “meet the teacher” night?

Yes, we still plan to host a “meet the teacher” night in person. This will be hosted on Tuesday, August 17, from 5 pm to 7 pm, in the upstairs commons of the Lower School. Teachers will be on-site to answer questions. Some will have packets and other work to hand out that students will need for the six weeks of hybrid instruction. Upper School families will receive more information about this closer to the date.

What about afterschool activities and extracurriculars?

Students may still participate in after-school activities (rehearsals, sports practices), in person, even on the weeks they are not on campus for in-person classes. Student Council is currently planning regular, in-person, get-togethers for Upper School students.

What about college counseling?

College counseling will continue as it has in previous years. There will be classes, information sessions, and the opportunity for students and families to meet individually with the counselor.