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Student Intern: Summer Smith

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Student Intern: Summer Smith

When I first heard that I was doing an internship, I didn’t know what to think about it. I had so many different things running through my head from “Cool, I get to work for money while I am in school,” to “Wait, I don’t really know what an internship is!”

After learning about what an internship is, I became very interested. A day or two ago, I learned that I will be working at The Eddy Pub 10 or plus hours a week. I will also be working for free which in my opinion is good because it will help me learn about the real working world. This will teach me responsibility and social skills. I hope to learn a lot of things this coming year.  My main goal is to tell other people about the internship and inspire them to do an internship also.

Summer Smith
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Sax Connex Internship Program

A new program beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, Hawbridge seniors will have the opportunity to intern with businesses in the Saxapahaw community. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Osborne at eosborne@hawbridgeschool.org

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