Plan for Reopening School


After carefully reviewing the survey results from families and our staff, combined with factors like serving students over 7 different counties, active COVID-19 cases still being reported, and knowing we have students with a variety of health and medical concerns, The Hawbridge School has decided to open on August 17, 2020 under Plan C, remote only.

First Quarter: Plan C (See Calendar for dates.)

Remote only instruction for all grade levels.
September 7 will still be observed as a holiday.

We will reassess conditions at the end of each quarter to determine whether to stay with Plan C or to transition to Plan B. In Plan B, students in all grades return in one of three cohorts for blended learning (rotations will be one week in-person learning and 2 weeks of remote learning). More details to follow.

Plan C Bell Schedule
(per Remote Instruction Plan):

This will also be the schedule for Remote Instruction Days identified on the school calendar.

Students will attend class, following their course schedule, on the 2 hour delay bell schedule for LIVE teaching and learning via Google Classroom and Zoom.

Daily schedule for remote learning (Grades 4-5):

Bridge 8:15 am-10:12 am

Class Meeting                         10:15 am-10:30 am

English Language Arts            10:35 am-11:35 am

Lunch/Break                            11:35 am-12:15 pm

Math                                        12:20 pm-1:20 pm

Break                                       1:20 pm-1:30 pm

Science/Social Studies            1:30 pm-2:30 pm

Break                                        2:30 pm -2:40 pm

Small Group Rotations

for reading and math,

Specials, Homework Help        2:40 pm -3:40 pm

Daily schedule for remote learning (Grades 6-12):

Bridge            8:15 am-10:12 am

1st period      10:15 am- 11:01 am

2nd period     11:04 am-11:50 am

3rd period      11:53 am-12:39 pm

Lunch            12:39 pm-1:05 pm

4th period      1:08 pm-1:54 pm

5th period      1:57 pm- 2:43 pm

6th period      2:46 pm-3:30 pm

The morning hours of 8:15-10:15 will serve as our Bridge time, including but not limited to, office hours, collaboration among students with teachers, individualized and small group tutoring, enrichment, time for students to complete assessments, specials for elementary students and time to conference with families. Students will also use this time to complete homework.

Expectations differ from remote learning that was during Spring 2020.  

Significant differences for 2020-2021 include:

1.  Students can and may receive zeroes for missing assignments, per the teacher’s syllabus;

2.  Participation grades may be impacted by a student’s attendance;

3.  Student must participate in LIVE teaching and learning daily based on the above bell schedule;

4.  There can and may be grade penalties for students turning in late work, per the specific teacher’s syllabus.

5.  Students are expected to log in for each class period, Monday through Friday, for LIVE, scheduled instruction.

Please reference each teacher’s syllabus for more specific expectations.

Safety protocols for in-person teaching and learning (mandatory):

  • Face masks for all students, staff and faculty.

  • 6 feet social distancing at all times.

  • Symptom screenings every morning before any students, staff, or faculty may enter the building. (See NCDHHS Screening Guide link below)

  • Isolate anyone with symptoms.

  • Increase time between class changes so that we can sanitize desks, tables, chairs, door knobs.

  • Non-essential visitors will be limited or restricted (visitors will use the outside speaker to identify what student they are picking up; students will meet visitors outside).

  • Essential visitors must wear masks.

  • Lunch will be held in 4th period classrooms.  Students will rotate to the restroom to wash hands before and after lunch.

  • No assemblies or activities with groups of no more than 10.

  • Faculty bathroom will be the restrooms located between Mr. Feldman’s office and Mr. Greenberg’s room.

  • Student bathroom will be either the downstairs restroom or restrooms in the upstairs commons.

NCDHHS Screening Guide for COVID-19:

Still have questions? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.