Hawbridge P.A.S.T.A – No Fuss Fundraiser – $10,000 Goal – *Now through 3/17! * Progress:

The community asked for a fundraiser that was simple and to the point.  Well here it is: a No Fuss Fundraiser!  All you have to do is donate money.  Where does the money go?
  • Morale boosters for the teachers and the support staff (occurring monthly)
  • Making grounds at Hawbridge more student-friendly
  • Assisting with Field Trip funds
  • Supporting staff during Life Events (e.g. new child, retirement, health)

This year, P.A.S.T.A. has spent $11,728.00 supporting our school community! 

Please Donate Now!

  1. Venmo (no fees!): or @HawbridgePasta
  2. Paypal: or

Our Parent Administrator Student Teacher Association (PASTA) is a cornerstone of the Hawbridge community and is one of the key avenues to meet people and learn about the many ways you can contribute your time and energy for the benefit of the school.

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