FAQs: Remote Learning and Reopening School

Read details about our Plan for Reopening School.

Q: My student doesn’t have a computer at home.  How will they participate in remote instruction?

A: We will be issuing loaner computers to students who need one.  Be on the lookout in early August for an announcement.

Q: Will my student be on the computer all day during remote learning?

A: No.  Actual screen time will vary.  Students are expected to log into each class on a daily basis, following the 2 hour delay bell schedule (as outlined in our reopening plan).  However, each 46 minute class period may not be all online.  For example, a teacher may teach a 25 minute lesson then ask students to log off to work on an independent assignment for the remainder of the class.

Q: What if my student has a class at Alamance Community College but the time conflicts with the new remote learning bell schedule?

A: Your student will attend their ACC class, as scheduled.  They will follow up with the teacher(s) of the conflicted course(s) during Bridge time (8:15am – 10:12am).  These students will continue to log into Google Classroom daily to view recorded lessons and access and submit assignments. 

Q: My student is new to The Hawbridge School.  When will they get their Hawbridge email and PowerSchool information?

A: New students will receive their Hawbridge email address, password, and PowerSchool login credentials in August.

Q: What measures has The Hawbridge School taken to clean and disinfect the building thus far?

A: All air filters have been cleaned and replaced.  All hard surfaces have been disinfected.  Cleaning supplies have been ordered and delivered in order to maintain a robust cleaning schedule if/when students and faculty return to the building for in-person instruction.  Classrooms have been measured in order to determine the number of students acceptable in each classroom, under 6 feet social distancing guidelines.  A few classrooms have been designated “off limits” due to poor air flow and circulation.

Q: How will you decide when it is safe for students to return for in-person instruction?

A: This decision will not be made in isolation.  We will continue to consult with the local Health Departments for each of the counties in which our students reside.  We will also continue to consult with local school districts and the Hawbridge Board of Directors. 

Q: What if The Hawbridge School transitions to Plan B (in-person instruction at 50% capacity), but I still don’t feel it is safe to send my student to school?  Do I have to withdraw my student?  

A: Under Plan B, families may still choose to participate in remote-only instruction.  You do not need to withdraw your student.  You will simply complete an online form, opting to continue with remote-only instruction. 

Q: What measures will The Hawbridge School implement if students return to school for in-person instruction under Plan B?


  • Face masks for all students, staff and faculty
  • 6 feet social distancing at all times
  • Symptom screenings every morning before any students, staff, or faculty may enter the building. (See NCDHHS Screening Guide link: https://files.nc.gov/covid/PHT-ScreeningReferenceGuide_6.30.pdf )
  • Isolation of anyone with symptoms
  • Increased time between class changes so that we can sanitize desks, tables, chairs, door knobs  
  • Limitation or restriction of non-essential visitors (visitors will use the outside speaker to identify what student they are picking up; students will meet visitors outside)
  • Mandatory masks for essential visitors
  • Lunch held in the 4th period classrooms with students rotating to the restroom to wash hands before and after lunch
  • No assemblies, field trips or activities with groups of no more than 10
  • Faculty bathrooms will be the restrooms located between Mr. Feldman’s office and Mr. Greenberg’s room.
  • Student bathrooms will be either the downstairs restroom or restrooms in the upstairs commons. 
  • Cohorts of students on rotations to limit our building capacity to 50%

Q: Will remote learning in August have the same expectations as last spring? 

A: No.  Remote learning in August will be aligned with our Remote Instruction Plan.  This plan outlines student, faculty and administration expectations so that rigorous instruction, student growth, and attendance can be closely monitored.  

The key differences include, but are not limited to:

  1. Students can and may receive zeroes for missing assignments, per the teacher’s syllabus; 
  2. Participation grades may be impacted by a student’s attendance; 
  3. Student must participate in LIVE teaching and learning daily based on our bell schedule
  4. There can and may be grade penalties for students turning in late work, per the specific teacher’s syllabus; 
  5. Students are expected to log in for each class period, Monday through Friday, for LIVE, scheduled instruction.

Please reference each teacher’s syllabus for more specific expectations.  Syllabi will be available when classes begin.

Q: Will there be back to school nights or orientation for students and parents before August 17?

A: We will not hold in-person back to school nights as we typically have done in the past.  We will offer Zoom meetings for parents and students in August.  More details to follow.

Q: How will attendance be taken under Plan C (remote learning)?

A: Per our Remote Instruction Plan, daily attendance will be taken using the following procedures:

Teachers will use PowerSchool each class period to mark attendance.  When a student does not log in for any of the 46 minute class period of their scheduled class, the teacher will mark the student absent.  The teacher will email the student and parent/guardian the same day.  The student or students’ parent/guardian must reply to the teacher’s email within the same day and within the school hours of 8:15 am-4:00 pm to be marked present. When the teacher receives a reply the same day, within the hours of 8:15 am-4:00 pm, they will go back into PowerSchool to change the student’s attendance from absent to present.  Teachers will also use Google Classroom to create daily check-ins with students.  However, a student will not be considered absent solely due to not logging into an online lesson during a specific time period. 

Teachers and students are required to check in remotely each day for some portion of LIVE instruction.  Some of those 46 minute lessons/projects may be independent work that students do offline.  However, they are still expected to check in daily during their scheduled class periods.  

Teachers will follow up with students and families when unusual or excessive absences occur. Once the teacher has established contact with the parent/guardian, further attendance concerns will be relayed to the Assistant Director to follow up.  

Participation grades may be impacted by a student’s attendance.

Q: Will we have to learn several new online platforms for remote learning?  

A: Teachers will use Google Classroom as the main platform for communicating with students.  All assignments will be issued and submitted through Google Classroom.  Teachers will use Zoom or Google Meet for live teaching.  Other online resources may be used to support instruction, but all assignments will be managed through Google Classroom.

Q: Will we have sports this year?

A: Sports are temporarily suspended at this time.