Mobilization on our Upper School began in the fall of 2021, and the building is scheduled to be completed by January 31, 2022.  The new school will serve grades 8-12 while the original building will house our Lower School for grades K-7. Please review our “frequently asked questions” below, and use this form to submit your own question/s about the project.

  • Our lottery for the 2021-2022 school year was conducted on March 1. Lottery applications for 2022-2023 will be available in early November. Check the admissions page for updates.
  • Job postings for the expanded school may be found on our Employment page.

The Hawbridge Expansion Project
Frequently Asked Questions


When will the temporary classrooms for the Upper School be ready?
We anticipate all Upper School students will begin classes in the temporary classrooms (sometimes referred to as “pods”) by the beginning of the second quarter on October 25.

Where will the temporary classrooms be?
The temporary classroom pods will be located on the large gravel parking lot behind the Saxapahaw Museum building, just off Mulberry Lane.

How long will we use the temporary classrooms?
We will use the temporary classrooms until we are able to move into the new permanent Upper School building.

Why does progress on the temporary classrooms seem slow?
Unfortunately, we have two main challenges with setting up the temporary classrooms that have delayed our original plan of having them in place by the start of the school year: a needed change in vendor for the pods and an unanticipated delay in our inspections process with the county. The pods are scheduled to be on-site the week of September 27, with electrical and plumbing upfits occurring immediately. We anticipate that the county will certify the site for occupancy the week of October 18. We are grateful for the many efforts that have helped expedite the inspection process.

Why can’t some Lower School students stay home so that Upper School students can use their classrooms?
The Lower School was renovated specifically to accommodate younger students and does not have size-appropriate furniture for older students in many spaces. While we are striving to create in-person educational opportunities as broadly as possible, we know that effective remote learning options for younger grades are particularly challenging. Younger students also often require increased parental supervision when learning remotely at home. 

Why can’t the Upper School make use of available space at the Lower School?
The facility is currently at capacity, and there is simply no available space. Many of the rooms have been renovated specifically for Lower School students and do not have size-appropriate furniture for Upper School students. We are using Lower School spaces where we can, such as for supporting students in remote NC Virtual and ACC courses and for one classroom.


When will the new Upper School building be finished?
The builder has assured us that the Upper School building will be completed by January 31. We are carefully monitoring progress, including both construction milestones and possible trouble points. Should there be any additional delays, we will notify the community directly.

What happens if the new building isn’t built by this date?
As with any construction project, there is always a chance that it could be delayed by unforeseen/unforeseeable circumstances–frustratingly, this is even more  true because of the pandemic. In the event that we cannot move into the building in February, as anticipated, the Upper School will continue to hold classes in the temporary classrooms until the new school building is completed.  

Why is it taking so long to build?
Our building timeline has been impacted by two factors–weather and material delays. There were numerous rain delays that occurred at the beginning of the construction project that slowed our initial progress. And our project, like many others, has been met with delays in the receipt of necessary building materials as a function of shortages brought on by the pandemic. The construction team is aware of the importance of maintaining our timeline and is making every effort to meet our deadlines.

Is the delay in building due to labor shortages?
No. Our construction crews have plenty of help, with folks eager to work.

Why are we even building during a pandemic? Why not just wait until things settle down?
This project is a product of years of work, and the timeline involves a number of complicated factors, including lenders and contracts. Once we got to a certain point in the project, there was no way to “put it on hold.” When the pandemic hit, we were already locked into contractual obligations with our lenders and contractors. Essentially, it is our lenders who dictate the timeline, which includes the start of school, whether or not our building is complete.

Will changes in the building timeline affect the school calendar?
We do not expect there to be any changes to the school calendar. 

Where can I get the most up-to-date information regarding the expansion project?
You can find the latest information on this page. You will also receive updates via the weekly emails from the Lower and Upper School directors. If you are not seeing these updates, please make sure to check your spam and other folders and whitelist the school Google group. 

What if I have a different question about the expansion?
We understand that this list is not comprehensive and that there will likely be more questions worth asking in the future–please do! We want to know what is on your mind, and we promise to do our best to address your concerns as the year goes on.  

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