COVID-19 Protocol

As of August 10, 2021, The Hawbridge School official COVID-19 protocol is as follows:

  • Everyone is required to wear masks while on the school grounds;
  • When possible, all students will eat outside;
  • Ventilation: open windows, air purifiers, extensive outdoor learning;
  • 3 feet physical distancing;
  • Disinfecting cleaners used daily on all high touch surfaces;
  • Regular hand washing required;
  • Persons showing symptoms will immediately be isolated;
  • Contact tracing and quarantine procedures will follow recommendations of the NC DHHS.

The Hawbridge School

2021/2022 Mask Policy

Approved 9/22/2021

Masks covering the nose and mouth according to CDC guidelines ( are required on school grounds and during school sponsored activities (e.g., field trips, extracurricular activities). The exceptions include: while eating and drinking, during intense outdoor physical activity that leads to increased heart rate and sweating (this exception is outdoors only and when physical distancing is possible), and outdoors when social distancing protocols are in place. Drivers and passengers must wear masks while riding in school vans. Masks are also required for indoor athletic practices and games.