Respectful Communication

Don’t Skip over the Stuffed Turtle: Some Thoughts on Respectful Communications By Jonathan Farmer English Department At the start of every school year, I give my students a guide on sending respectful emails. A few days in, we do an exercise in which they make up a complaint and then send me an email about […]

COVID-19 Protocol

As of August 10, 2021, The Hawbridge School official COVID-19 protocol is as follows: Everyone is required to wear masks while on the school grounds; When possible, all students will eat outside; Ventilation: open windows, air purifiers, extensive outdoor learning; 3 feet physical distancing; Disinfecting cleaners used daily on all high touch surfaces; Regular hand […]

Urgent Update for Upper School Families

Dear Hawbridge families, With the new school year approaching, we would like to share important information with you about the months ahead. There is a lot packed into this lengthy post, so please read to the end, and know that there will be opportunities for additional information coming soon.  As your Board and Executive Director, […]