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Dear Hawbridge,

As you heard from your child’s teachers on back to school night, student attendance will be a point of emphasis for us this year. Let me begin by saying that we are not discouraging educational (or even recreational) travel.  However, we do want our school community to know that we miss your child when they are not here and that repeated time out of the classroom can have an impact on a student’s performance and academic growth.  Let’s begin examining this focus area with a clear definition of what chronic absenteeism is.

The organization Attendance Works outlines a clear distinction between truancy and chronic absenteeism.  The following graphic is from their website:


Hawbridge does not have a truancy problem.  Hawbridge was, however, on the verge of a chronic absenteeism problem last year.  Some faculty members believe we do suffer from chronic absenteeism.

Re-emphasizing our earlier point, we are not attempting to discourage educational or recreational travel.  We are, however, discouraging recreational travel that occurs 3-4 times a year taking a student away from school for more than two consecutive days.  Couple this amount of missed instructional time with any additional time missed due to unforeseen reasons–such as illness–and the impact can be significant.

We appreciate your attention to this important aspect of school and look forward to faithfully serving your child(ren) in the 2017-2018 school year.

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