A message from our school counselor

Many counseling resources may be found at on our School Guidance page.

Dear Hawbridge Community,

I miss all of you! In the following document I will outline my role
during our school closure, as well as resources for families.
I still serve as your student’s school counselor, providing support
in the following areas:

social/emotional: individual counseling, group counseling, etc

academic: help with course planning, organization/routine,
collaboration with teachers

and career: college and career planning as it relates to post-
graduation plans

Social/Emotional Support
I understand that students have a lot going on right now. I remain available
for check-ins regarding any issues they currently experience—anxiety,
friendship issues, social media, overwhelmed by schoolwork, etc. You or
your student can contact me via email to set up a time to talk over phone
or Google Meet. I will continue to respect your student’s privacy and abide
by ethics of confidentiality. Everything they say to me, stays with me unless
someone is going to be or has been hurt. There are some situations in
which we will decide we need to include a teacher or parent/guardian to
get adequate support in a non-life threatening situation. I appreciate your
trust in that process.

Don’t feel like you have to do it all as a parent of a new distance learner!
During a normal school day, teachers send students to me randomly
throughout the day—I want to provide the same support to you at home.

Academic Support
I continue to monitor your student’s grades in PowerSchool. If you or your
child needs help accessing the PowerSchool portal, send me an email.
I am working with teachers to make sure students are logging in and
submitting work regularly. If I am worried about your student, you may get
a call from me asking if I can check in with your child. We may discuss goal
setting, routines, and how to map out their day to get work submitted. This
is a normal part of our school day and I don’t want that to get lost just
because they are learning from home.

If you have a concern about a particular assignment, please contact the
teacher directly.

Schedules and Course Requests for 2020-2021
Ms. Shelton and I continue to work on entering course requests for
students and developing the 20-21 master schedule. We are confident that
the school closure will not affect that timeline.

Elementary Scheduling: I will provide a video presentation to
check in with current 4th grade students. I will also provide an intro to Middle School video for current 5th graders in the coming weeks. I encourage parents and students to watch.

Middle School Scheduling: I will send more information to rising
7th and 8th graders later this spring. That will include info about
elective selection and/or math placement for rising 8th graders.

Middle schoolers can expect to receive their schedules by mid-
summer, as usual.

High School Scheduling: Nearly all rising 9th-12th graders have
already made their course selection for next school year. In the
coming weeks, I will follow up with students who were not present
when we did this. High school schedules will be distributed the first
couple weeks of summer. Please contact me with any scheduling
Career and College Guidance
I am always available to talk about post-graduation plans and goals. I try to
contact seniors on a monthly basis, and will continue to do that via email.
My most recent update was sent March 23rd, specifically regarding
graduation. We have not made a decision regarding the graduation
ceremony at this time but will make a school-wide announcement once we
know for sure. Please encourage your seniors to work hard and finish

Seniors who plan to go to college should spend any free time applying for
scholarships. Scholarships are posted regularly to my Twitter feed.
I will send a presentation to 11th graders later this spring regarding
preparation for the college admissions process. Feel free to contact me
directly with any additional questions as they relate to career and/or

All best,

Ms. Martin