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2016 Soccer

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2016 Soccer

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CharlieOn Monday, August 1, we will begin tryouts for the Hawbridge Herons Soccer Team. Tryouts will be at Cedar Falls Park on Weaver Dairy Road in Chapel Hill, from 8am until 10am, Monday through Thursday. We would like all students who are interested to attend as many sessions as possible (including students who were on the team last year). There is no preferential treatment, and we look forward to seeing you there. GO HERONS!

1. This is a Co-Ed league so we encourage Boys and Girls to try out.
2. Tryouts are for students 7th-12th grade but this is a high school league so expect more high schoolers on the team.
3. This is a competitive team in a competitive high school league, so some students may not make the team.
4. As a competitive team, we do not guarantee that any student will have a minimal playing time. We do, however, try to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to get onto the field over the course of the season. Last season, all our student athletes had game time.
5. Students who wish to try out should have all appropriate soccer equipment: Soccer Cleats, Shin Pads (Gloves if interested in Goalkeeping), Shorts, Shirt, Sunblock and water bottle and should bring these to every session.
6. The more sessions that students attend, the more committed it shows them to be, and the more opportunities they have to show us what they can do.
7. Students need an athletic medical form completed by a doctor either before they begin tryouts or within a short period of time and can turn them into either the coaches or Mr. Feldman.
8. Parents, if your son/daughter is participating, then we will be asking you to make a contribution of time and/or money. This activity requires an athletic fee (TBD), but we will also need to fundraise and need parents to support our cause by volunteering to transport students to games. Without this support, we will not be able to play so please be prepared to participate.
9. Students will be required to come to practices at least 2 of the 3 times a week after tryouts for practice before the beginning of the school year. We are happy to make accommodations for students who may be absent for a week because of a vacation, but we will play our first game shortly after school starts and the team needs to be fully prepared.
10. It is likely to be extremely HOT by the time sessions end. Students should have had at least some food as early as possible and some water. Students will need to bring SEVERAL WATER BOTTLES to remain hydrated.

11. In the interest of safety, please have a phone on you during practice and make sure that you child has your contact details (preferably in their phone).

If you have any questions, please email scowland@hawbridgeschool.org or kduke@hawbridgeschool.org and we will do our best to answer questions. Please give at least 48 hours for a response as we are also currently on vacation. Also, we will be holding a parent meeting early in the school year which will hopefully address more questions. If you have questions about athletics, medicals, fundraising or supporting the team, please contact Mr. Feldman at dfeldman@hawbridgeschool.org.


‘Coach’ Shanee Cowland
Soccer Coach
Math & Science Teacher

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